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Story of hotel strata

A Family Owned Hotel In Mountain View, CA

For more than 35 years, this family-owned and managed hotel in Mountain View has been rated #1 in customer service and quality by guests. Always looking to provide travelers with a seamless experience, we continue to offer amenities and services based on guest feedback.
A Tradition of Change at hotel strata

A Tradition of Change

For over 35 years, this family-owned and operated Mountain View hotel has held the title of being the travelers' favorite, consistently rated as the top choice for customer service and quality. Our commitment to delivering a seamless experience to our guests has led us to innovate in unique ways. Notably, the hotel's name itself was coined by the travelers who have graced our doors. Furthermore, our rooms have been meticulously designed through A/B testing using valuable input from our esteemed guests. This pioneering approach sets us apart from any other hotel in our area, making us the foremost choice for travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind stay.
Hotel strata's history

Our History

Over the years, Hotel Strata has continually evolved, focusing on meeting guests' needs and ensuring every stay is enjoyable and productive. Our unwavering commitment is to offer unforgettable experiences by seamlessly combining contemporary elegance with eco-friendly initiatives and making every guest feel at home.
  • 2011
    After years of success under various brands, we wanted to change; to do something different. Taking cues from our Silicon Valley neighbors, companies that did something special and small start-ups without the restrictions of big corporations, Hotel Strata decided to move away from the brands and set our own standards of excellence. We wanted to focus on giving genuine service from the heart and offer unforgettable hotel experiences that showcase our unique style and modern sense of hospitality.
  • 2012
    This was a significant year for us. We officially changed our name to Hotel Strata, which was named by a tech company employee and chosen from feedback from our guests. Strata reflects the layered services and experiences at our hotel, as well as our steady succession of change.
  • 2013
    We launched Strata Rewards, our unique guest loyalty program with three levels of membership. With Strata Rewards, guests enjoy travel perks, like gift cards, late check outs, and free nights.
  • 2015
    To enhance guest comfort, Hotel Strata's rooms were renovated in 2015. Updated, contemporary-styled accommodations offer high-tech features, local-made furniture, and wood style floors that create a modern retreat of style and sophistication. Designed based on guest feedback, all room and suites feature Grohe and Toto bathroom fixtures, Samsung TVs, custom-made Bay Area furniture, Porcelanosa Spanish tiles, Polycom phones, Danish stressless chairs, and Herman Miller desk chairs.
  • 2016
    In 2016, Hotel Strata renovated the lobby and office to modernize the decor, update the style, and to better serve our guests. Based on guest feedback, we also converted the outdoor swimming pool to an outdoor patio with firepits and table tennis, the perfect place to relax and decompress after a busy day.
  • 2019
    In our move toward sustainable hospitality and to become more eco friendly, we completed our solar project. We also removed plastic water bottles and shifted to aluminum water bottles to reduce waste and help preserve our community and planet.
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Service From The Heart

After years of success under various brands, the management realized that in order to do something truly special and different, they would have to make a change. Taking a cue from their Silicon Valley neighbors, companies that did something special, small start-ups without the restrictions of big corporations, the hotel decided to get to the root of the industry and move away from the brands that had previously set the standards. They wanted to set their own standards and focus on giving genuine service from the heart and offering guests an unforgettable hotel experience.
Why Hotel Strata

Why Hotel Strata?

The name Hotel Strata reflects our vision of providing a unique Silicon Valley experience. Strata are layers in rock formations that are continually building and evolving. This reflects how the hotel has been developing for years with layers of amenities and services that are the foundation for our long-standing presence as one of the top hotels in Mountain View, California.