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Diversity & Inclusion At Hotel Strata

We Promote Diversity & Equality

At Hotel Strata, we believe it's our differences that make us great. As a small, family-owned and managed hotel, we understand the importance of creating safe spaces for our team and guests alike. That's why we work hard to foster diversity and inclusion within our hospitality team.
Strata Hotel's Hiring Practices

Our Hiring Practices

Hotel Strata has a diverse team of hospitality professionals from varied backgrounds, and we work diligently to ensure we are promoting diversity in the workplace through our hiring practices. Our team is one family, dedicated to providing an unforgettable hotel experience.
Harassment Prevention At Hotel Strata

Harassment Prevention

Our hotel enforces a zero tolerance policy with regard to harassment of any kind in the workplace. This ensures that our hotel is a safe space for workers of all backgrounds and genders. We are dedicated to making sure that our core values and beliefs are upheld at the hotel daily.