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Sustainable Hospitality Practices and Responsible Tourism

By: Hotel Strata / 14 Mar 2023
Sustainable Hospitality Practices and Responsible Tourism
Sustainable and responsible tourism can go a long way to making destinations worth visiting for future generations. Leaders in the hospitality industry and modern-day travelers worldwide are now conscious of resource utilization more than ever. Today's travelers are more aware of the effects of their travel on the environment and are choosing brands that care about sustainable travel. With this emerging trend and perspective, we have partnered with third-party sustainability programs to mitigate the environmental impact of tourism and support the conservation of local and natural resources.

Why Did Hotel Strata Adopt Sustainable Measures?

Tourism is growing exponentially, and conventional travel habits, natural resources, and local communities are impacted in several ways. By adopting sustainable and eco-friendly practices, we aim to meet the needs of current travelers, future travelers, local communities, and the natural environment. Green practices such as reducing energy consumption and water waste and investing in renewable energy sources have helped us cut emissions and ensure guests enjoy a pleasant stay with minimal environmental impact. We believe sustainability isn't just important for our planet- it is also important for the benefit and livelihood of our guests and hotel staff.

Optimal Water and Energy Utilization

Our goal is to deliver an experience that is both comfortable and environmentally responsible. We have implemented several energy and water-efficient technologies, such as installing water-efficient toilets and showers. We are also committed to using 100% renewable energy sources; most lighting throughout our property uses LED bulbs. We also offer electric car charging at our hotel and offset a portion of our carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly Measures and No Single-Use Plastic Usage

Small changes can make significant differences. Hence, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Single-use plastic straws, water bottles, cups, and cutlery are a big NO at our hotel. There are recycling bins, and we undertake corrective waste management measures for food. To encourage guests to participate in eco-friendly activities, we offer bicycle rentals and the option to opt out of daily room cleaning. By taking these steps, we aim to promote a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone coming through our doors!

Supporting the Local Community

When we choose sustainable practices, we contribute towards the well-being of local communities. Sustainable tourism boosts the local economy, provides jobs, and gives funds for community initiatives. We invest a percentage of our revenue into community projects, provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work, and promote activities organized by local guides. We also educate guests about the local history, culture, and ecosystem.

Enjoy a Sustainable Stay at Hotel Strata for a Greener Tomorrow

If you're looking for sustainable hotels in Silicon Valley, choose to stay with us and make a conscious choice to protect the planet. Relax in tastefully appointed rooms equipped with all modern conveniences and enjoy easy access to prominent IT companies, businesses, and offices in the area. Explore our thoughtfully curated packages and choose the best one for your next getaway in Silicon Valley.

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