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September 13, 2019
September 13, 2019

About This Event

Exhibit September 13 to November 8, Opening reception Friday, Sept 13, 5-7pm, Artist talk October 6, 1-3pm The Reclaimed Room Gallery of San Francisco presents "Women's Work," an exciting new exhibit of textile art. This exhibit features seven local artists who create artwork from reclaimed, recycled and reused materials.

Textile work straddles the boundary between craft and art, frequently created for functional purposes, but still with a strong sense of design and imagination. Different regions and tribes all over the world have their own unique styles for creating fiber art, often passed down from generation to generation. With globalization and modernization, these traditions are sadly being forgotten. But this loss has encouraged new generations to learn these techniques and incorporate them into their artwork.

"Women's Work" includes textile artists Dale Eastman, Rachel Leibman, Karin Lusnak, Stacey Shuster, Ileana Soto, Sharon Steuer and Ellen Weinstein, and is curated by Rachel Leibman. These artists approach their artwork with a nod to long-established crafts such as sewing, quilting and dyeing, but each artist brings a singular and contemporary approach to a traditional, and overwhelmingly women's, metier. The artists in this show work with different types of source materials and produce very different creations. Some use fabric and thread while others create textiles from non-traditional materials such as discarded moth cocoons or vintage watch parts. Some of the pieces are vibrant and colorful, while others are detailed and meticulous. All are interesting, original and innovative.

The exhibit runs from September 13 to November 8, 2019. There will be an opening reception on September 13 from 5-7pm, as well as an artists' talk on October 6 from 1-3pm. Please visit for further information.

Website: http://recla

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