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October 05, 2019
October 05, 2019

About This Event

Transform your Fusion with some of the coolest moves from Tango! In this workshop Emily and Ben will give you the moves and the Tango skills behind the moves. From there you will integrate Tango straight into your Fusion dance to create truly unique combinations of movement.*You will learn advanced Tango technique and apply it to your Fusion - which will truly allow you to dance in all directions!*Learn to dance in a seamless flow between tango and Fusion.*Follows will learn to liberate their free legs and swing them into action. Leaders will learn how to use the followers free leg to create dynamic movements.*Tango off axis movement is the best! Learn to use Tango volcadas and colgadas (weight sharing toward and away) in your dance to create a dynamic interplay with your partner.No prior Tango experience required, however, you must be at an intermediate / advanced level of Fusion or other partner dances.Doors open at 1pm and the workshop will start at 1:15No partner neededClass size is limitedpay with paypal - Emily @ [email protected] Here is what some people have to say about Emily and Ben's last workshop:Emily and Ben are beautiful dancers and teach wonderfully together! Their focus on body mechanics is so helpful for executing moves correctly, safely, and enjoyably. I will definitely be coming to more of their workshops!Maggie, SFEmily and Ben are fabulous teachers together. Their focus on body mechanics for lifts is a wonderful approach and they move at a great pace to make everything approachable while never being boring.Lacey, SFEmily and Ben are magnificent together. They have an fantastic connection, and their dancing and teaching styles complement each other wonderfully. They have an incredible ability to make complicated topics feel accessible. I also deeply appreciate how they make sure to focus on safety and mechanics first, yet still include aesthetics and variety for those that are picking up the material

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