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August 15, 2019
August 15, 2019

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Class Time/Dates: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, August 15,16, 17, 10am - 5pm each day Schedule: 10am - 1pm, lunch from 1-2pm, 2-5pmPerformance Showcase: Sunday, August 18, 5pm and 7pmClass size: 14 students maximum: 10 women and 4 menClass length: 18 hours total of instruction Early Registration Tuition: $379Regular Tuition: $399Prerequisite: Advanced players with significant performance experience. Approval from the dean is required before registration. Contact [email protected] for questions about eligibility and requests to enroll.  The Bechdel Test is a lens we can use to look at how women show up in works of fiction. Named for cartoonist Alison Bechdel, it asks the question, "Is there a scene between two women talking to each other about something other than a man?" The remarkably low percentage of films and stories that pass this test points to the fact that we all have grown accustomed to creating and seeing stories centering around men. And as story creators we often perpetuate that pattern. Debuting on the main stage at BATS in August 2016, the Bechdel test format aims to explore the complexities, relationships, and stories of women. Simply deciding to make stories whose main characters are women - good, bad, likeable and not - is a departure from the stories that we often consume and create! This format includes both men and women - it is not a female-only class, as this is not a female-only issue! The class is for a experienced improvisors with performance experience.     BATS Improv Class Refund Policy: Summer Youth and Adult Sessions cancellation policy: If you cancel more than 14 days (2 weeks) before your first class, we will refund your tuition less a 15% processing fee. If you cancel within 14 days (2 weeks) of your first class, your tuition will be forfeit. Why so far in advance for summer? These classes are the most dramatically affected by last-minute vacations and changing plans, and we need to ensure that they can successfully run for all

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