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July 19, 2019
July 19, 2019
9:30 AM - 11:59 PM
SBA Entrepreneur Center, 455 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, California, United States

About This Event

Are you non-marketer who is curious about marketing but aren't quite sure what it even means?   Does the term sound nebulous and confusing?   And just how do marketers think, anyway?   What's different about the way their minds work vs. yours?   How can you adopt some of their methods to get your brilliant products and solutions into the hands of people who need them?    There are, indeed, unique characteristics of the marketing mindset that don't come naturally to most people but can be learned. This workshop will explore the thought processes of great marketers and teach you techniques for training your brain to think like a marketer.  During this lively, interactive workshop, you'll:  •See fun case studies of great marketing in action •Be exposed to some inspirational examples of how great marketers minds work •Learn about the thought process marketers use when addressing a challenge •Be exposed to the skills that marketers draw upon to get others to want what they're offering •Practice some of the interesting techniques that marketers use, which are different from the way most people think •Learn some tips for getting yourself to think more like a marketer at work and in your everyday life  You'll walk out inspired and more confident in your own ability to think like a marketer! About the instructor:   Theresa Lina Stevens is the founder and president of Lina Group, Inc., a strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in market dominance strategy, working primarily with technology companies on differentiation, positioning, market selection, marketing strategy and product marketing. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, she is also involved with the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University. She has served as chief marketing officer for two Internet-related startups and began her career at Accenture. After several years there as a management consultant, Theresa helped found the firm's Communications Indust

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