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July 29, 2019
July 29, 2019

About This Event

Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass       ABOUT THIS COURSE: Moving toward enterprise-wide agility requires a complete adaptation to the new mindset, and a radical change in processes, tools, and techniques. No change is easy, and when supporting an Agile change, the change coach must be flexible and adaptable in order to cope with the disruption that is caused by the change. Enterprise Agile coaches must focus on knowing when to enforce and when to get go. They must understand the psychology behind organizational resistance to agile, and how to overcome it to achieve success. Through a deep understanding of new models of working, they must find ways of delivering value as an enterprise coach and using large scale facilitation. During this 3-day Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching workshop, you will learn the skills and tools to generate alignment, innovation, and clear direction in large groups with diverse opinions, identify and overcome resistance systemically as well as gaining new tools and techniques for enterprise coaching in the context of enterprise-wide change. You will also learn about the value stream underlying enterprise agility, and how to channel organizational processes, culture, and people toward making the transition to an agile way of working. You will get in-depth training to achieve the credential that will reflect your personal and professional mastery of Enterprise Agile Coaching (EAC).   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:   Who an Enterprise Agile Coach is, gain the skills and competencies needed and recognize your own strengths and limitations within the role. Tools to self-evaluate your own development pathway, come away with your own professional learning and development plan and how to address ethical concerns. Demonstrate how change impacts humans and organizations using a variety of models and contrast an Agile change approach with a more traditional top-down approach. Acquire a variety of new approaches for creating an organizational ch

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