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September 14, 2019
September 14, 2019

About This Event

Second Saturday Salon is a monthly event that brings people together to share an experience of food, music, and art. Meals will be presented by our in-house team of world class chefs, and occasionally guest chefs. We offer a variety of great global cuisine with our unique Bay Area twist. Our art is curated by our partner at Maximilian Contemporary Gallery. Music is selected to offer the guests an intimate, one-night-only style performance different from all other shows we present. Our chefs will walk guests through the meal and explain the inspirations and ingredients, offering insights into our producers and a little about themselves. Our night begins with a mixer, allowing for guests to enjoy the art and meet their fellow guests. Soon after, all guests will be seated and presented with the amouse bouche. The rest of the meal will be served family style, allowing for guests to interact and enjoy the meal together. As the dessert plate is dropped, the show begins and guests are taken away on their musical journey. For this special event, we present a Monte Carlo show case. Picture yourself at the glorious French Riviera in the Hotel de Paris. The food is lush, the guests are toasting with bubbly, Bond is at the bar, and the music begins: the Bill Mentz Trio Bill Mentz: A soupcon of Kurt Elling, a nano-dash of Bennett, some silky midnightness and a hot shot swinging band. Serve with ice." All About Jazz - ""This versatile singer delivers smooth, flawless vocals that can only be described as full of range and dynamics."-Bobbi Warren Agency" Bill Mentz has been performing, touring and recording music since 1974. Bill has recorded and released 6 albums/CDs, numerous commercial jingles & voice-overs (VOs) and has probably logged over 7,500 live shows around the globe. A short list of some of the artists Bill Mentz has had the privilege to share the stage with, or, warm up include: John Denver, Jerry Springer, Richie Havens, Poco,

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